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                       Eaglemont Newsletter January 2012                                                                             Have coffee with the Mayor.





Directions from College Way go South on Waugh and follow the signs until you reach Eaglemont Drive, then turn right and travel about a mile to the club house.





The Alamo Bowl Party was a great success and Super Bowl Sunday was the best ever, but now its time to meet our new Board of Directors!  Joe and Diane Best


I've been having some much fun in the sun in Arizona, or was it Nevada?  Never mind, just go to Facebook and look me up.  Colleen Smiley 











Joe Best is telling everyone that Kurt & Lori have good reason to smile now that North Sound Brewery can be found in over 60 drinking establishments.  Visit Kurt & Lori at their site and read what the Seattle PI had to say about their North Sound brewery.


Retired Mayor Bud Norris and friends at the Brayton/Harshman Scholarship Foundation Golf Tournament, hosted by his honor at Eaglemont Golf Course.






Tony LaFreniere shown here taking time out from landscaping the common grounds, repairing fences, mending irregation lines, trimming trees and doing everything else to keep the Eaglemont Golf Community looking good.  


Join us for a Mother's Day Brunch this Sunday at the Eaglemont Golf Course (menu)






For special menu's and events call C.Y @ 360.428.2788, and for the Best in news we go to our party leaders Joe and Diane: 


To all of you that have not gone south to the Sun:

Eaglemont Bar & Grille is debuting a new menu Saturday March 10
Bar Snacks: Penn Cove Mussels, Sweet Potato Fries (GREAT), White Bean Hummus, Popcorn Shrimp, Pan-fried Oysters, Ahi Tuna and Dundeness Crab Cakes - how can you resist?
Dinner Menu: 
SEAFOOD: Soekeye Salmon, Portugese Mussels, Dungeness Crab Cakes and Alaskan Halibut
BEEF etal: Lamb Shank, Flat Iron Staek, Bangers & Mac and Free Range Chicken
PASTA: Bucatini and Asiago/Swiss Chard Ravioli

Grab a neighbor and support the local Bar & Grille - we have run into a growing number of residents in the Grille and quite a few from outside the hood too. Great to see local support.

Have you met the Bar Staff? Oldies Megan(call me Teach), Hannah (Roundup or Rodeo), Kelsey (The RN), and the NKOB: Zach (Sports talkin Navy Brat), and Scott (The Outback/Lombardi Kid). Actually, both Zach's and Scott's parents live in Eaglemont!!

Upcomming events: March Madness, The Masters, MARINER BASEBALL, Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown, The US Open, Nascar - all on multiple TV's in the Bar. Don't like sports, go into the dining room for a cozy dinner without the TV's.

Don't forget THURSDAY 9AM Breakfast - chat and eat with your neighbors.

Spring is coming - Time to Golf
Kevin, Jose and Cory have some great deals in the golf shop - stop in and say hello.
Once a month Dave and the Crazies Men's golf day - Contact Dave Howard for info
Ladies golf league will start up soon - fun times for all involved
Men's Golf League - all abilities welcome - starting soon
Beginning in June: Joe's Nine and Dine - more info to follow

TTFN, Joe and Diane Best




Dining room opens to the bar



Our fully stocked bar. 





Pro shop, Dining, Banquets, Bar & Grill, Meetings, Exercise rooms 






A club house with a $million dollar view




Come on in we're just about ready to count the ballots.

In Memory of Arzelle Leighton (1915 to 2012)



Let's see if Marty Peterson can top that drive.




Jose putts like an old lady, present company excluded.



Doesn't he know that he is holding up five foursomes?





Dean Hinchy with his lovely wife Jane Monroe-Hinchy has been elected to the new ECHOA Board of Directors.





Tom Grimmer enjoying fresh strawberrys at the club house has been elected to the new ECHOA Board of Directors.




John Peterson shown here with his grandson has been elected to the new ECHOA Board of Directors.



HOA General Manager Richard Kuziomko will be leaving us at the end of the year.  We wish him and Karen well.  Here we can see him pointing to his new digs 2,700 miles east of Eaglemont somewhere near the Capital Beltway.


Mr. P.S. Lee, Chairman of Fancy Wood Industries and Mr. Vichai Tanpatanarat, President & CEO of Fancy Wood Industries take time out from ground breaking ceremonies for the new Eaglemont clubhouse